Power Encounter

Power encounters are the clashing of the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world. Any system or force that must be overcome for the Gospel to be believed and received is a power encounter.

Jairus, a ruler of the Synagogue, vs. 41-42.
He was a recognized and respected leader of the community, a broken heart seeking the One who could meet his need; that person was Jesus.

A woman with chronic bleeding; stealing a healing, vs. 43-49.
She was unclean because of her physical problem.
Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me, v. 46. Jesus wanted her to experience complete healing; her
restoration was His goal.
A moment for LifeChange; a divine delay, vs. 49-56.
The announcement, v. 49;
The preparation, v. 50;
The gathering of believers, v. 51;
The finality of death, vs. 52-53;
The life-giving touch, vs. 54-56.

Final thoughts…
Jesus expects us to partner with Him in the work He does, and He wants us to bring whatever faith we possess into that work.

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