The Job Description Of A Believer

Our job description:
We are to go out as Christ’s ambassadors;
We are to look for ways to show mercy.

Question: What must we do to inherit eternal life?
The encounter with the expert in the law provides us with one of the best known parables of Jesus…The Parable of the Good Samaritan.
The Participants:
A man, v. 30;
Religious leaders, vs. 31-32;
The Priest,
The Levite,
The Samaritan, vs. 33-35.

Jesus’ follow-up question: “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor?”
Application: We need to evaluate our attitude as we look at others.
We are not to be sensitive people but people sensitive;
We are not to be selective people but people selective;
We are to be gracious people and people of grace.

Question: “Who are you…”
The person on the side of the road;
The priest, the Levite;
The Samaritan?

Be the neighbor God wants you to be.

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