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Come Experience LifeChange!

January may be the most important month in my ongoing development because it brings a renewal of passion, and it is that passion which moves me out of my comfort zone. Many changes will now take place for all of us as we move from an old year to a new year; we move from the darkness of shorter days and longer nights to the light of longer days and shorter nights; we are ready to make the transition from old habits to new habits; we move on from the disappointments of the past to the opportunities of the future. For me personally, I am ready for the Lord to move me from my present growth level to a higher, more dynamic growth level, ready to express His compassion through my life in ways I have never experienced before. Please notice, I have highlighted the words ‘from’ and ‘to.’ These are small words with powerful results, and they are a vital part of God’s transforming touch on our lives. They are a part of the message I will share with you Sunday morning, and they are words that flowed from a wild man from the wilderness. Join me and, just maybe, you also will experience a ‘from – to’ moment.

Sunday night: a new time, 5:00pm; a new emphasis, “2017, an experiment with Prayer;” a new format, a Prayer Lab. Join us and let’s encounter God in a new way!

Be blessed!
Pastor Mark

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