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Come Experience LifeChange!

I am honored to facilitate three weddings this month. There is always a lot of excitement that surrounds the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as a great amount of planning and the financial expense. But what is sometimes lost in all the activities is the significance of this moment. The wedding is more than an event, more than a celebration, more than a gathering of family and friends. The wedding ceremony is connected to the ancient ritual of entering into a covenant, the coming together of two parties in agreement and commitment. The Bible is referred to as the Book of Covenants (Testament is another word for Covenant). Sunday, you are invited to come to the Lord’s Table to receive communion; Jesus said, this cup is a new covenant in my blood. By the time you leave the worship service, you will understand what a covenant is, it’s significance in the life of a follower of Christ, and how you can apply it to your life. Join me and be ready to be enriched.

Plan also to join us for our Classic Sunday Night service at 6pm, as Pastor Lon shares with you, Exclusion or Embrace.

Pastor Mark

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