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Daylight Saving Time Begins THIS Sunday!

I spent time at the doctor’s office this week. I waited in the waiting room (a little longer than I had hoped), from there the nurse took me to another area to take my vitals, you know…blood pressure, temperature, and the dreaded weight check (unchanged from my previous visit, hurrah!), asked a couple of questions, and then took me to the exam room, where I waited (again, a little longer than I had hoped). Finally, my doctor arrived with chart in hand; he made his observations, asked more questions, and then sent me out to pay my co-pay (I was amazed at how short the appointment was compared to the wait time, but I was glad to be done), and I was on my way back to my office. I thought how interesting it would be to spend a day with my doctor and observe his appointments with patients, all of his paper work, and anything else he had to cram into his working day. This led me to reflect on what “a day in the life” of Jesus would be like as He got up to face another day and all that it would bring. We have that opportunity this Sunday as we will continue our journey in the Gospel of Luke. I can tell you right now… what a day it was! See you Sunday.


Be blessed,


Pastor Mark

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