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Faith Promise

I made my annual trek to the World Ag EXPO, and no, I did not buy a tractor (I was tempted but I wasn’t sure it would fit in my garage). This event is not high on my expertise list; as a matter of fact, I know little about farming, ranching and dairies, and that’s why I go. This EXPO provides the latest improvements in irrigation, nutrition for both animals and farm land, drones, tractors, tools, fly control and organic products. It’s amazing and the impact is great. The central valley is the food basket for the world, and daily our lives are enriched by what our agriculture produces. This reminds me of the importance of this weekend at our services. This will be our annual Missions Sunday, where we will get updated as to what is happening around the world through the Missions of the Church of the Nazarene. Missions may not be high on your expertise list, but what they do greatly impacts God’s church. This is our opportunity to get educated, and more importantly, our privilege and responsibility to support missions around the world through our prayers and financial support. Don’t miss this Sunday, and come with an inquiring mind as well as an attitude of anticipation and participation. These services could very well be the best we’ve had yet!


Be blessed,
Pastor Mark

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