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Who Will You Invite?

Some events in our lives change everything. September 5, 1975, Karen and I stood before family and friends committing our lives to each other as husband and wife. When the pronouncement was made things changed, it was no longer “me” but “we”; a number of options were off the table; standards were put in place, and priorities changed. January 26, 1980, our first child was born (it was close, but I survived the delivery). Everything changed, no longer was it “we” but “we+”. Again priorities changed, schedules changed, our sleep patterns have never been the same. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and I am going to preach on “The Cross.” Something happened, and by 6:00pm that black Friday everything was different, the world had changed. Join me as we make the discovery and celebrate the power of the Cross. We will also celebrate the sacrament of baptism in the 2nd service.

I need your help. I believe there are many people that would want to visit our church, either on Palm Sunday or Easter but they won’t come without an invitation. They are waiting for you to ask. We have a simple invitation card available at the Information Center and on the Ushers’ Stands. Pick several up and make good use of them. This could be the moment that makes all the difference in the world.


Be blessed,


Pastor Mark

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