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Will You Accept The Challenge?

Now that we are almost two weeks into our new year, and many of us may have already given up on our new year’s resolutions, I want to challenge you to establish some good habits that will strongly assist you in being effective followers of Christ. 1) Be people of the Word: Let God’s Word be planted in your heart daily and make Sunday Worship a regular part of your schedule as we continue our journey in the Gospel of Luke. 2) Be people of prayer: Utilize this amazing Gift of God of constant communication with Him. (Join us Sunday night at 5:00pm and participate in our Prayer Lab.) 3) Be people who give: Join us as we seek to create a ‘culture of generosity,’ using our time, talent and treasure to meet the needs of our congregation, community and world. 4) Be people who share: Sharing with others what we have received from Jesus. I continue to be challenged by John the Baptist. He had the courage to be willing to die for his faith. I don’t believe it is likely that we will have to die for our faith, but we may need courage to live out our faith, being God’s salt and His light in our world, to be His pointers, His sign posts, His living reminders. Just so you know, my message this Sunday will be about the baptism of Jesus and His genealogy, which I find pretty interesting… I’m energized already!

Be blessed!
Pastor Mark

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