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Sunday Worship - September 17,  2023 

Sunday Worship  - September 24,  2023

Upward Sports
BASKETBALL | Boys & Girls | 1ST—8TH Grade
CHEER | Girls | 1ST—6TH Grade
Early Registration, $180 | After November 20, $195 | Ask us about the sibling discount
Registration accepted through December 4 or until all divisions are full
Evaluations will be held Mondays November 20 and December 4
Your child MUST attend one |  Drop in anytime between 5:30 and 8:00PM
Jayden Gammon 559.827.7022 | gammonjayden@gmail.com | Church office 559.784.3305
Appointments available Sunday—Monday, October 8 & 9
to schedule an appointment, call the church office at 559.784.3305 

The Sanctuary

The Moyes family moved to Pinedale, Wy in 2020 with a dream, called "The Sanctuary". The purpose of The Sanctuary is to provide a state of the art residential trauma therapy center. The setting for The Sanctuary is designed to be in a location that provides safety, seclusion, and solitude. The Sanctuary was named out of Ezekiel 11:16 "...yet I will be to them a sanctuary..."

"Our dream is to provide experiential therapies, anchored in Christ, in a beautiful setting that cultivates healing for generations to come. Our prayer is that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of all those that come to The Sanctuary. So many people who are struggling have hearts of stone from trauma, addiction, abuse...the list goes on and on. Our prayer is that the work done at The Sanctuary will cultivate healing to transform stony hearts to tender hearts that God can penetrate and use for His mighty purpose."
-Jason & Melinda Moyes