A New Thing

GROWTH means Change, and CHANGE is Difficult
It is the Transition that will either Disable or Enable

What the original hearers of Luke understood, and we understand as well, is that Jesus changes everything; He is the ultimate Change Maker.

Luke 5 provides us with five encounters of different individuals and their responses to the possibility of change:
With a tax collector, vs. 27-29;
Confrontation #1, who is coming to dinner, v. 30;
Jesus responds as a doctor, vs. 31-32;
Confrontation #2, concerning fasting, v. 33;
Jesus responds with an illustration of the bridegroom, vs. 34-35;
A New Thing, The Kingdom of God Agenda, vs. 36-38.
Jesus uses a parable as His teaching tool:
He was saying, the Gospel was not an addition to religion, it replaces it;
The Gospel cannot be placed in old wineskins of legalism and traditions.
A stern warning, v. 39:

Jesus calls us to change…will you?
What to do:
Commit to God’s Kingdom Agenda; do what Jesus did;
Adapt to reality; learn what it takes to reach out to those who have not experienced God’s agenda;
Invest in relationships; connect with people who are not yet connected to God;
Learn their story and share your story;
Pray and be ready.

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