Arms Wide Open

Setting: Jesus had been invited to eat at the home of a Pharisee, not because the Pharisees admired Him, but to find some way to ruin His ministry. Jesus turned the table on them and confronts their hypocrisy.

Jesus used this moment as an opportunity to express His strongest displeasure, using the phrase, “woe to you.”
Hypocrisy in giving, Luke 11:42; Micah 6:8;
Reputation vs. character, v. 43;
Exterior vs. the interior, v. 44;
Expectation of others vs. expectation of self, v. 46;
Lip service vs. sincerity, vs. 47-51;
Barriers vs. bridges, v. 52.

Jesus’ concluding remarks, Luke 12:1-3.
A ‘Jesus’ response for the church today:
Stand up…
Stand up and let our lives of integrity shine like stars in the midst of darkness;
We are men of God, women of God. We choose to do that which is right;
We stand against all abuse. We stand for all those who are broken.
…with arms wide open
Racial injustice is still very prevalent in our society and prejudice is still the norm rather than the exception;
Jesus did not create His church to be racially divisive or prejudicial in who can attend;
Paul said it best in Galatians 3:28.

Our Lord calls us to live with arms wide open. That is to be our business!
Lord, daily, I will make time and room for people;
Lord, bring someone into my life today;
Lord, give me the ability to recognize them and then the grace to open my arms to them.

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