Jesus, our Master Teacher, our Master Leader… Jesus understood the growing conflict with the religious establishment and knew that this was the time for the next phase of His ministry, the development of His team that would be the bearers of His Kingdom Agenda to the world, following His death and resurrection.
The Principle of Selection
His selection was preceded by prayer:
Prayer is necessary;
Prayer seeks solitude;
Prayer is strenuous;
Prayer has a purpose;
Prayer is effective.

Jesus chose them, John 15:16:
Jesus chose those who we would identify with;
Jesus chose twelve;
Jesus designated them Apostles.

The Principle of Association
His purpose was not only that they would be with Him, but that He would be in them. Because of their association with Jesus, these disciples learned to walk like Him, to talk like Him, to act like Him, and to be living reminders for Him wherever they went.

The Principle of Instruction
As His disciples, there are three things we need to know:
We need a clear understanding…
…of God’s Kingdom Agenda;
…of who we are and what we are to be in God’s Kingdom;
…on how we can share His Kingdom Agenda with others.

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