Experiencing God’s Peace

Weekly Sermon 12-3-17
Christmas Presence Experiencing God’s Peace
Pastor Mark Pitcher

Advent 2017 – Isaiah 2:1-5

Advent simply means, coming; a time of preparation, anticipation, expectation and repentance.

Through Advent 2017, Isaiah will be our guide.
A phrase to memorize this week: Seek peace and pursue it, Psalm 34:14.

Isaiah provides us with three steps to experiencing God’s peace:
Learn to walk in His Presence, v. 5. Seek peace and pursue it.
What does it mean to live in His presence, or walk in His light? It means…
Acknowledging His presence;
Practicing obedience.

Become a student of His Ways, v. 3. Seek peace and pursue it.
The real purpose of Bible study is not to acquire information, but to experience transformation. To learn…
His ways so that we may walk in his paths, Psalm 119:33-35; 16:11.

Let go of conflict, v. 4. Seek peace and pursue it.
God’s ultimate plan is not only for the nations to be at peace, but also for us, as individuals to be at peace,
Romans 15:5-6; Ephesians 4:3; 1 Thessalonians 5:13; Romans 12:18; Colossians 3:12.

God is filling the world with peace, one heart at a time. Those who learn to walk in His light, learn His ways, and let go of conflict
will experience His peace in their lives; a peace that is not dependent upon political stability, but on His presence in our life. He
wants us to experience His peace today. Seek peace and pursue it!

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