Failing Forward

To become a fully devoted follower of Jesus, you will experience failure…the key is what you do with the failure, v. 37.

Failure No. 1: The lack of power, vs. 37-45
There was a double tragedy here:
The father and his son, Mark 9:17, 25;
The disciples, Matthew 17:19-20; Mark 9:29.

Failure No. 2: The lack of love, vs. 46-56
Here is the stark contrast between the self-sacrificing Jesus and the self-centered disciples:
There was a lack of love for each other, vs. 46-48;
There was a lack of love for other believers, vs. 49-50;
There was a lack of love for their enemies, vs. 51-56.

Failure No. 3: The lack of self-discipline, vs. 57-62; the call to discipleship…
Three encounters Jesus had with people who expressed surface level interest in following Him:
A costly decision, vs. 57-58;
An immediate decision, vs. 59-60;
A clear -cut decision, vs. 61-62.
A disciple of Jesus has closed the door on the not yet-maybe later-but first response, because they know that response brings failure.
A disciple leans on the resources that have been provided, 2 Timothy 1:7.

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