Knowing God

Last week’s memory phrase: Seek peace and pursue it;
This week’s memory phrase: Seek God and pursue Him.

Isaiah 11 reveals what God’s chosen Messiah came to do for each and every one of us, as well as teach us a great deal about the
nature and character of God.

He is our source of spiritual strength, vs. 2-3a.
Through Jesus we have…
Wisdom and understanding:
The ability to make wise decisions based on understanding of the rightness or wrongness at the heart of the issue.
James 1:5
Counsel and power:
Counsel means advice, guidance, direction and strategy. Strategy is the capacity for determining a correct course of
action. Counsel is combined with God’s might and power.
Knowledge and fear of the Lord:
Knowledge is truth grasped and applied to life. Fear of the Lord means holy reverence.

He is the source of infinite justice, vs. 3b-5.
We must not limit the role of Jesus to merely that of teacher or miracle worker. We must remember that, ultimately, He is our

He is the source of ultimate peace, vs. 6-9.
God’s peace is a recurring theme of Advent. God wants us to experience it. John 14:27; Romans 5:1
How do we get to know God? Through His Son, Jesus Christ. He provides us with spiritual strength; wisdom and understanding,
counsel and power, knowledge and fear of the Lord. Through Him we have infinite justice; He judges us with righteousness and
mercy. Through Him we have peace; peace with God, and, ultimately, peace with others.

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