Living Right Side Up June 4th

Our attitude toward our circumstances:
Reliance on the resources of God;
Passion for God’s Word, receiving its nourishment and encouragement;
Honoring God with the attitudes of our mind and the actions of our hearts.

Our attitude toward others, our command…to love, Luke 6:27-30:
The people knew the Word, Leviticus 19:18;
The teachers emphasized their people, but when it came to others, it didn’t matter. As a result, many walls of hatred were erected between Jews/Romans, Jews/Gentiles, and Good Jews/Bad Jews.

Radical love requires that we not respond with retaliation but with the Golden Rule, v. 31:
Jesus gave a new meaning of love…agape, seeking the highest good of another;
This love is different from the love we have for our friends, our family and our spouse;
This love is deliberate; it is an act of the will for the purpose of redemption.

Radical love exceeds the world’s standard of love, vs. 32-34:
We no longer compare ourselves with others; instead, we compare our lives with the life of Christ.

Radical love displays our resemblance to our heavenly Father, vs. 35-36:
We must imitate our heavenly Father by being merciful, and becoming more like Him in our character.

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