Resurrection Road The 7-mile journey

This 7-mile journey brought LifeChange to these two disciples, and it can bring LifeChange to you, today!
Hope to despair, Luke 24:17-24;
Despair to hope again, vs. 25-27;
Hospitality offered, vs. 28-29;
Hope revealed, vs. 30-32:
Resurrection opening #1, the Empty Tomb;
Resurrection opening #2; He opened the Scripture, vs. 25-27, 32, 44-49;
Resurrection opening #3, He opened their eyes, vs. 30-31; Acts 2:42; Genesis 3:1-7; Luke 4:18.
If you feel broken, there is hope for you; if you are discouraged, deflated or disconnected, there is hope for you. That is what our Lord’s Resurrection provides.

He is risen…He is risen, indeed!

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