The Look

The way we look at things greatly impacts our lives, whether it’s with a positive view or a negative view, and the way we look at things has a lot to say about who we are and how we react or respond to others.

Simon, the look of contempt…

  • He was a Pharisee;
  • He was wealthy;
  • He was a collector of celebrities;
  • He had a poor understanding of God.

The woman, the look of forgiveness…

  • She was nameless;
  • She was known;
  • She violated the Pharisaic traditions;
  • She provided the greater hospitality;
  • She gave evidence of true repentance through her tears and precious gifts.

Jesus, the look of love…

  • He reached out to Simon;
  • He reached out to the woman;
  • Jesus reaches out to us.

Our salvation meets our greatest need, brings the greatest results, and costs the greatest price. God’s salvation is not automatic, it must be received.


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    Peggy Buffington says

    Very good Pastor Mark !

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