There’s More To Your Story

What is wrapped around you that you are dragging along?

God’s promises are bigger and better than my circumstance!

God says to Abram, “Don’t be afraid,” Genesis 15:1.
What does he fear?
The promise not coming true.
What do you fear?
Are you walking in Abram’s shoes?

God says, “I am your shield…your reward…I am enough, if you will trust me.”
Abram doubts God’s promise because he cannot see it.
Are you saying no to God’s promise because you don’t see evidence?
The promises of God were there for Abram, and are still there for us even when we cannot see them.
God often responds to us, not with evidence, but with His promise.
Nothing of this world will defeat the promises of God.
We must learn to trust the Promiser even more than the promise.
In the lower story, things seem a mess, and make little sense.
In the upper story, God has a unique and amazing story to unfold.

No matter where you are in your personal narrative today, one thing is true…
There is MORE to your story!

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