When Hope Dies

Why not? If we choose to see obstacles, this will stifle our movement forward; if we choose to see opportunities, and seize them,
this will activate the Gospel of optimism. But what happens when hope dies?

The Setting, Luke 7:11-12
Two crowds…what happens when they meet?
Those who were following Jesus, heading toward the city;
A funeral procession, heading toward a cemetery.

Jesus’ Response, vs. 13-15
Jesus responded the same way He always responds to a need, finding a way to alleviate it. To be compassionate means to suffer
with, to fully immerse oneself in the condition of another. That was His response then, and that is His response for us, today.
Jesus is moved by the world’s loneliness;
Jesus is moved by the world’s pain;
Jesus is moved by the world’s hunger;
Jesus is moved by the world’s sorrow.

His compassion moved Him to action. He touched the lepers, the blind, the sick, the hungry, and the helpless, because as long
as there is life, there is a glimmer of hope. But when death comes, hope dies. That is why Jesus came!. Jesus came to bring life
and to bring hope!

The Crowd’s Response, vs. 16-17
Not stated, but understood, was the mother’s response, overwhelmed and ecstatic.
The crowd was filled with awe;
Fear gripped them all, NASU;
Profound and reverent fear seized them all, AMP;
They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them,

“God has come to help his people.” God has come to help us here, this morning. Jesus did not move on their behalf because of
their great faith. He moved because of His great compassion. He desires to show His mercy!

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